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Moving Tips

Moving from one residence to another is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do. The stressed feelings build from the moment the decision is made with thoughts of packing, and decisions about hiring a company or moving it yourself.

Every moving company will tell you that planning ahead can greatly reduce the anxiety of moving but where and when do you start the plan? Since moving is our business, we've prepared this list to help you have a stress-free move.

  1. Start with a list. As soon as you know you'll be moving start to list everything you have to move from the furniture pieces to the room accessories, decor and even clothing. Go from room to room in the house and remember to include the garage and any outbuildings making sure to include every closet and cupboard. Also remember any "secret" hiding places that you may have stored important documents or valuables.
  2. Hire out or DIY? After looking through the list, you'll have a better idea of whether or not you want to hire a company to help with the move. Moving companies can do as much or as little as you need, even pack boxes if you would like. Most moving companies can do in a matter of hours what takes the average family several days to accomplish.
    When choosing a moving company be sure to check references, and business association ratings or information. Also plan to schedule your move ahead of time to assure that you get the desired date.
  3. Clear the clutter. Also refer to the list for possible items you may not want to move. Clothes that are no longer worn, toys, knick-knacks and etc. The best time to clear out the clutter is before you start packing, not while in the process. You can either give the items to charity or have a garage sale in advance of your move. After all, the less you have to move the better.
  4. Getting it all together. If you are moving a long distance, be sure to get copies of your medical records, your children's school records and prepare to transfer any prescriptions you may have. Remember your pets have records too so make a stop at the veterinarian to obtain those documents. And don't forget your safe deposit box contents.
  5. Clean it out. Take the time to clean out under your sofa and chair cushions. No need for movers to be subjected to crumbs or animal hair. And leave a few key cleaning supplies out for quick clean up when the house is empty.
  6. Keep them happy. Have a plan to keep children busy and entertained on moving day. Get a portable DVD player and a few small toys they can have in an empty room to keep them out of the moving path.
  7. Your presence requested. Be present when the movers arrive and stay there until they leave. You'll need to be available for questions to assure that everything is packed in the van safely and securely.
  8. Get plenty of moving supplies in advance. There's nothing like having to stop and run out for extra tape, boxes etc. when you are on a roll. Even if you are having movers pack for you, keep additional supplies on hand just in case. You can begin packing things you don't use on a regular basis days in advance which will help take away the urgency of packing all in one day.
  9. Have a marker handy. Write clearly what is in each box and what room of the house it will go to. This will help you when it comes time to unload the moving van and unpack the boxes. Also, it helps to take the time to make a list of what is in each box. Do not mark every box as "fragile," keep that for only those boxes that contain breakables. If the box is heavy, mark that on the outside so your movers can be prepared for the extra weight.
  10. Keep the house cool when moving. Your moving help will thank you and it certainly makes moving boxes and furniture more comfortable.
    And remember to keep moving paths clear!
  11. Be sure to leave your house keys and garage door openers for the real estate agent, rental company or new owners.