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Get A Move On - You Pack or We Pack

Reduce the stress of your move even more and have us do all of your packing for you. It takes an individual approximately 15 to 20 hours to pack up the average apartment and 30 to 40 hours to pack up the average sized home. With two of our moving experts it takes just 3 to 4 hours to pack up a typical apartment and just one day to get the standard house packed. If you think of your time as money then you can see the advantage of using our packing services. We can save you the time, headache and hassle of moving your household leaving you free to handle other important matters.

All "Package Deals" include adequate boxes, paper and tape to pack the average home or apartment in the sizes shown, plus the following FREE materials:

  • Tape Gun
  • Marker
  • Glass Dividers
  • Bubble Wrap
1 Bedroom / Studio apartment $124.00
2 Bedroom / Small house $231.50
Medium House with Basement $313.75
Large House with Basement $455.25
China Hutch $40.25

"Package Deals" do not include specialty boxes, i.e., wardrobes, mirror cartons, lamp boxes, etc. See below.

Get Too Many? Get a Move On will credit your move ticket for any unused boxes!

moving box estimator

Small Container (1.5 cu. ft.) $1.75
Medium Container (3.1 cu. ft.) $2.75
Large Container (4.5 cu. ft.) $3.50
Dish Pack $6.00
Glass Dividers $4.50
Wardrobes $12.00
Wardrobe Rental $7.00
Small Mirror Packs (30 x 40) $5.00
Large Mirror Packs (40 x 60) $7.50
Packing Paper $1.25 per pound
2'x1' Bubble Wrap $0.45 per foot
1'x1' Bubble Wrap $0.25 per foot
Markers $1.50
Tape Gun $4.00
Tape $1.75
Washer Block $8.50
King Mattress Bag (ea.) $5.00
Queen Mattress Bag (ea.) $4.00
Full Mattress Bag (ea.) $3.50
Twin Mattress Bag (2 per pkg.) $5.50
2-piece File Box $5.50
Shrink Wrap $25.00 per roll
Lamp Carton $4.50

*All Prices Subject to Kansas Sales Tax