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Statement of Claim

Contracted Terms and Conditions
1. All work is charged on a per-hour basis. Under no circumstance are estimated costs whether via telephone or on-site intended as a guaranteed total cost for work completed.
2. Total charges must be paid to driver upon completion of move unless prior arrangements are made with business office when work is scheduled.
3. Time and a half will be charged after 5:00 pm.
4. Carrier reserves the right to provide and charge for additional movers.
5. Carrier reserves the right to refuse partial or complete service for the following reasons including but not limited to: customer is not prepared to move, evidence of rodents, bugs or any condition that is a health risk to the movers in overall un-cleanliness of the premises, or abusive treatment of the movers.
6. Carrier is not responsible for snow removal. That is the customer's responsibility. If not done by the by the customer, we will remove the snow and the customer will be charged our standard hourly rate. Carrier is not responsible for cleaning floors. We will not be responsible for property damage due to weather or any inclimate condition.
7. Carrier is not liable for damage to real property or belongings of the customer when items are moved contrary to the movers' advice.
8. Carrier is not liable for goods once out of our care, custody or control. Including but not limited to, items placed into a storage facility or a rental truck.  Shipper should prepare an inventory of all property/items to be transported prior to the transportation.
9. In the event of damage, the invoice must be paid in full before a claim is settled.
10. Carrier will not transport any liquids such as, but not limited to: gasoline, propane, spray paint/paint cans or ammunition/weaponry of any kind.
11. Carrier will not transport plants, pets, livestock, or any living creature either caged or uncaged.
12. Carrier is not liable for any damage to items made of particleboard or pressed woods.
13. Carrier is not liable for any cement statuary, including birdbaths and fountains, which could break, crack or separate due to inherent vibrations in moving, if said item is being handled using normal moving methods.
14. Carrier is not liable for any damage to glass shelves, glass tabletops, hanging artwork, outdoor pottery or ceramic items unless appropriately packed.
15. In the absence of external damage or other proof, the carrier is not liable for mechanical or electrical malfunction of computers and components, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, television sets, stereos, CD/DVD players, etc. These devices often fail for reasons other than transportation, or from normal vibration due to transportation. Proper servicing before and after shipment is the customer's responsibility.
16. Carrier is not liable for damage to yards, trees or landscaping due to positioning of truck, if the customer has approved positioning or has not denied the standard.
17. Under no circumstance will the carrier be liable for the cracking, crumbling or breakage of cement/concrete approaches, driveways or sidewalks.
18. Except in the case of negligence, the carrier is not liable for damages to or the loss of contents of loose items in dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, bureaus, chests, boxes or other containers, whether or not such property is packed or unpacked by the customer(shipper).
19. In the event of loss, carrier will make every attempt to locate and return lost items. Should lost items not be located, carrier will cooperate fully with efforts made by customer to recover items. Carrier is not liable for items customer believes are missing that cannot be shown to have been in the care, custody or control of carrier or any representative thereof.
20. Carrier is not liable for miscellaneous items such as, but not limited to; lamps, lampshades, decorator or accent items, coat racks, umbrella stands, footstools, trunks, cases or any other items that are not properly packed. Carrier will supply shipper with appropriate packing material if requested.
21. Carrier will not be responsible for any items not moved after shipper has released the truck to destination address. It is the customer/shipper's responsibility to ensure all items to be transported are loaded. Therefore, we suggest a walk-thru of the residence to ensure no items are missed.

Claims - Valuation
A. In the event of damaged property, the following procedures must be followed.

1. Shipper shall notify carrierÂ’s business office to request a claim form within 30 days.
2. Shipper must complete and submit claim form to carrierÂ’s business office within 10 days after receiving the claim form.
3.Once the claim form is received by carrierÂ’s business office, the carrier will investigate the claim and notify the shipper of the results within 30 days.

B. It will be determined by the carrier, those responsible for the damage or loss, based on the terms and conditions set forth.
C. If it is determined that the carrier is responsible for the property damage, carrier will pay the depreciated value of the damaged property based on the "Joint Military -Industry Depreciation Guide" and carrier will take possession of the damaged piece as salvage.
D. If an item(s) is repairable, carrier reserves the right to select the vendor(s) who will subsequently make the repairs. This also includes structural damage to property such as walls, doors, flooring, etc.
E. If it is determined by the carrier that they are not responsible for the damage(s), the claim will be denied.

Statement Of Claim Form


Current Address:

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Person intending to file claims should, before doing so, examine the terms and conditions under which the property was accepted and transported. I have examined the terms and conditions and make the following claim:_____initials

Article (describe in detail):

Nature of Claim

Purchase Date:

Purchase Price

I am the owner of the property described. I did not cause or contribute to the damages set forth herein. All statements made are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and constitute my complete and entire claim. No material information has been withheld. ____________________ signature ________________date