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What our customers say...

"Dear Mr. Wells, I am writing to you to let you know we received exceptional customer service from your company. Eric Kimler and Trent Green worked very hard all day and into the night getting us situated in our new home. They were very careful and very polite. You have two fine employees in Eric and Trent."
- R. Magness

"The movers were very pleasant to work with and very courteous."
- J. Jantz

"Fantastic move, and saved me thousands. Everything made it safely here. The guys worked very hard, and kept at it. It was faster and less expensive than I had anticipated. It was much appreciated."
- R. Carswell

"Guys were terrific - moved everything without mishap and were plain fun to have around. ~A. Harvey, What more can I say ... Maurice and Terrance were even-tempered (it was 100 degrees +), really funny (teehee) and caring, hardworking, FAST and MADE NO MISTAKES. I was a repeat customer already, but these two solidified my opinion of GetAMoveOn! Keep on movin' on!"
- A. Ross

"I can't believe that I have never used you guys to help us make our moves before. This was the most professional experience that we have ever seen before. The movers were not only Kind, but courteous as well. They really done a great job for us, and reduce our stress levels as well. We would recommend you guys to anybody. I will never move myself again."
- G. Dixon

"I would like for the necessary people to know that the movers who took care of my request (Marvin & Curtis) are awesome individuals. They are both very polite, sincere and HARD working men. Although we did not have a huge load, the items we did have were very bulky and not always manageable. However, Marvin & Curtis both were to satisfy my request, no matter how difficult or impossible the task, have heavy or un-manageable it may have been, they both responded with a smile, strong muscles and a gracious attitude. They seemed to appreciate doing such tasks for me. They never once grumbled at the weight of some of the items, they are awesome."
- B. Rumsey

"An excellent job. Done quickly and very professionally. Couldn't have asked for a better move. Thanks."
- S. Morris

"Thank you for a fabulous move… and my things arrived in perfect condition after nearly a year in storage. Thank you. We people love our stuff. I guess you're actually in the people business rather than the moving business."
- Deb R.

"We had Tony and Scott just at our house briefly to move a large 36 inch tubed TV from our garage to our basement. They were very friendly and always noticed details. They made sure the TV was sitting in the place I wanted and centered on the stand. We used them for our entire move 4 years ago to our present home and have always been pleased with the way they are so careful with all of our personal belongings. It is so easy to hit or scratch something, but they never have."
- C. Belden

"We have used your firm twice in the last year - 1st move was into a town home at 1000 S Woodlawn from a house on Lulu on January 27, 2007. We lived there for 7 months and then moved to 503 W. 26th St S. We had lived in the Lulu house for 26 years so this move was really exciting for us. We were well pleased with your company and the men who worked our move. All in all, we were very pleased with the job your men did and with your company. I do hope we are not slated to move again anytime soon but will not hesitate to recommend your company to others. Thanks for a job well done."
- E. Wedel

"I am very pleased with your company and my recent moved. The workers were extremely courteous and did a very professional job in a timely manner. I would either use you again or recommend your company to anyone needing to move."
- D. Lemons

"Please let everyone know what a great job Dan and Eddie did moving us! We have used Get A Move On before, but these guys exceeded all expectations. They were quick and efficient yet careful with our furniture. This was our 5th or 6th time with Get A Move On between our sons' frequent moves (do we get frequent flyer miles?!?) and our experience just gets better every time! Thanks so much and until next time…"
- Sandi Dimmick

"Hi Tom,
I am really enjoying my new home and want you to know that I am very satisfied with your moving services great timing, storage arrangements, packing and delivering.
You probably know, but I want to let you know as a customer, Junior is absolutely incredible. Very professional, works diligently, doesn't stop for reasonable rests, has great care for protecting items, AND he is so patient with those he hires for packing, loading and unloading, yet shops great leadership with them. Please give him praise from me. I would be surprised if you had another employee who rates higher.
My move with your company was a pleasure. I won't hesitate to recommend you to others - should the opportunity arise. Thank you kindly! Hope all is going well for you!!"
- Kathy Lewis

Just wanted to let you know that Seth and Johan(?) were AWESOME! They were extremely efficient, careful, and very, very friendly. If you ever need a customer reference, Kris or I would be more than happy to provide that for you guys. Thanks for providing such a fantastic service!"
- Christine Burch

"Hello Lisa,
We just finished moving with your Get A Move On service. Our truck driver was Gerald and his two support staff were Alonzo and Eric. These three guys put in an incredibly tough day Wednesday. Between the heat and humidity, I was exhausted just being involved in a move. These three guys not only hustled our move out of our old house and into our new one in just 6 hours total time, but they also did it very professionally and exactly as we needed it done. I'd like to pass along my recognition and thanks for this crew to whomever is responsible there. I think a pat on the back is due."
- Best regards,
Rick Reitmeyer